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Are inefficient systems jeopardizing productivity and patient outcomes?

Are inefficient systems jeopardizing productivity and patient outcomes?

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Limitations and risks from inefficient systems

Waste is a common problem in the U.S. healthcare system, with hospital systems continuing to look for ways to be more efficient. Many have turned to mergers and acquisitions as the solution. But often such consolidation falls short, leading to specialized departmental systems and tools that are fragmented and unable to interoperate.

That means your clinicians may focus more on trying to make their tools work when they could be spending that time at the bedside. For example, you’ve invested heavily in your electronic health record (EHR) system, but your clinicians may have to exit that system constantly to find needed information, guidance, or tools. And if you’re developing and maintaining clinical content and guidance in-house, care team members will need extra time to document requirements outside of your EHR.

Wasteful Spend

Roughly one-third of all U.S. healthcare spending is wasteful, providing no benefit to patients.1

Ongoing Consolidation

87% of healthcare executives said their organizations expected to explore or complete merger or acquisition deals in the next 12-18 months.2

EHR Limitations

Research shows satisfaction with EHR clinical decisions is low, ranging from 28-39% for the three most popular ones.3

In the end, productivity declines while the potential for errors increases. With Elsevier, you’ll improve outcomes and cut costs with new technology and systems that can be integrated into existing workflows for streamlined support of your care teams’ responsibilities.

Improve care decisions across care teams

A lack of easy access to authoritative care information puts patients at risk while increasing the potential for unnecessary tests and general costs of care.

With Elsevier, you will have evidence-based content that is continually reviewed and revised by clinical skills experts to reflect the latest practice standards. Your interprofessional team will have fast access to content spanning the care continuum that is trusted, comprehensive, and current. Elsevier content is developed in partnership with subject matter experts and leading associations, and it is peer-reviewed and updated by nurses and other clinicians who currently practice in their specialties. With Elsevier, you’ll save time and direct your team’s efforts where they can most benefit your organization. And you can be confident that the guidance driving your patient care is consistent, and accurate.

Work seamlessly within current workflows

Your mission is to deliver the highest levels of care at every stage of the patient journey. That's harder to do when your clinicians are constantly switching between systems or workflows to accomplish their daily tasks.

With Elsevier, you'll have software and content that’s built to integrate with your EHR, LMS, and other health IT systems. By embedding clinical content into established workflows and at the point-of-care, your clinicians will have instant access to evidence-based guidance, patient education, and referential content. As a result, you will promote greater clinical competence and confidence to drive improved patient satisfaction. This seamless integration into familiar workflows, tools, and systems also fosters easier adoption and regular use by your care teams to support the delivery of consistent, high-quality care and an improved patient experience. Because these solutions are built to integrate with leading healthcare technology systems, you can easily incorporate them into your ecosystem without breaking anything. And your clinicians will be able to use them without exiting their workflow. With Elsevier, you’ll empower your clinicians to practice at top-of-license and better manage patient care and outcomes.

Optimize your teams’ professional practice

The world is in the midst of an explosion of data—which can be a massive opportunity for your organization. This data, analyzed and combined with scientific medical knowledge, drives essential insights into your care practices and equips you to manage the complexity of modern medicine better.

With Elsevier, you will have the data, dashboards, and actionable insights you need to continually adjust and improve patient care and education. Powerful analytics capabilities let you scour all your data and distill it into action. User-friendly dashboards give you instant access to important measurements and reports about nursing competency and education, including post-shift satisfaction. You’ll also have insight into patient engagement that allows you to modify treatment plans, optimize your professional practice, or fine-tune education materials to improve outcomes. With Elsevier, you’ll have the information and insights you need to improve performance in the areas where it's needed most.

Drive improved outcomes and reduce costs with integrated processes

Cutting costs and improving outcomes is difficult when the use of specialized and fragmented tools and systems is eroding productivity and causing errors. Yet, the most successful organizations are addressing these inefficiencies head on. To tackle them, you need to be able to streamline how nurses perform their daily responsibilities while giving them greater confidence in their ability to excel in clinical practice. At the same time, you need to maximize the value of investments in existing systems and tools.

When you work with Elsevier, you can:

  • Arm your interprofessional team with trusted, evidence-based content for improved clinical decision-making
  • Integrate clinical content and patient education with other health IT systems so it’s easy to access in workflows and at the point of care
  • Gain the data and analytics needed to continually optimize your nursing programs

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